Choose one of the five Apple iPad models to find out which repairs we carry out for it in our shop.

iPad mini repair: Apple’s smallest model is also the most difficult to repair the sensitive LCD panel, the endless tiny screws, the large amount of adhesives and the small size of the device make repairing it a job that only qualified technicians can do to carry out.

iPad 4 Repair: Anyone attempting to repair Apple’s new Tablet faces a very tough task. The design of the device is such that only experienced technicians can achieve its safe repair.

iPad 3 Repair: The internal design of the device is essentially similar to the iPad 2. Our experienced technicians have all the necessary knowledge to successfully carry out any repair.

iPad 2 Repair: This iPad model has a front and rear camera. Its construction is extremely thin, which makes it very difficult to repair. The biggest difficulty lies in the fact that this device does not have screws, which means that, in order to open it, the digitizer must be removed.

iPad 1 Repair: Any repair is possible on this iPad model. It doesn’t have screws either, but we can pop out its entire front system with the specialized tools our electronics technicians have. You should know that for every iPad repair we use only quality and durable parts.

We will repair your iPad quickly and correctly, at the best prices on the market.

Finally, we offer a lifetime warranty on LCDs and touch screens on all models.