If there is a problem with your device that has come into contact with water, you will need an immediate wet iPhone 12 repair.

If you can’t move, send your device by courier, from wherever you are in Greece, completely free of charge.

Immediate response instructions

  • Close the device and do not open it under any circumstances
  • Get absorbent paper and wrap the device to wipe up the moisture.
  • Hold it in the opposite direction to the way the water came in
  • Do not use heat sources, such as hair dryer, because overheating may occur.

Visit or contact our workshop.

Damage handling

Do not underestimate a moisture damage since it is one of the most serious enemies of your device. If water gets inside then it will cause damage that can destroy the device completely. Metal parts may oxidize and the device may stop working. You should act immediately and bring the device to the experts. You complete the immediate response instructions, present the device and describe the symptoms of failure. In the state-of-the-art workbenches, we have all the specialized tools, such as e.g. the high power ultrasonic bath to prevent a more difficult case.

Come to our workshop

Immediate intervention will save the situation and deal with the damage quickly. We have the most experienced technical team in Apple device repairs and beyond.

Cost of repair

The cost will depend on whether the corrosion has progressed internally and damaged any components. We will replace them with new, top quality parts and this will be added to the total cost. Your favorite device will arrive quickly and safely in your hands, fully functional, like new.

For any clarification, you can contact us by phone to speak with one of our representatives. We are at your disposal for any question.